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It has been over a year since Norm passed and not a day goes buy when we do not look upwards and ask questions and offer our thanks. This has been an year of great change which really began this winter with the successful auction at James D. Julia’s.

We are continually adding items to the website. We are also taking great care to assemble Norm’s unique collection of antique militaria and folkart with detailed descriptions so we can expand their presence on the website. 

As we do larger updates to the website we will send out announcements but please check the site often as we are always adding items. As you know these are generally one of a kind so don’t wait to contact us!


Ruthie Flayderman, John and Judy Flayderman, and Victoria Turvey look forward to assisting you with finding new items for your collection.  


Purchasing Items.  Flayderman & Co. has always been, is now, and will continue in the future be interested in purchasing fine antique firearms, militaria and related.  Whether it is one item of quality and value or an entire collection, we are most interested.


In conclusion, we would like to thank all of you for your past business and we look forward with great anticipation to working with you all in the years to come.



The Flayderman Family



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A little bit about... N. FLAYDERMAN & CO., INC.

Established in 1952, we have been widely recognized as one of the best known names in the antique firearms and militaria fields. Our slogan "YOU CAN ORDER WITH CONFIDENCE ...OUR REPUTATION IS OUR GUARANTEE" has truly been our watchword for the half century that we've been in business, dealing with collectors, museums and historic societies all over the world.

The 118 consecutive editions (from 1954 to 1998) of our widely cited catalogs were the longest run of antique arms and militaria catalogs issued anywhere......anytime! (Our business has always been entirely mail order conducted). In 1998 we computerized our sales operation as you now view it, and continue to list and describe via these web pages, the broad and interesting selection of rare antique collectables that we have been noted for handling for well over half a century.

Let us assure you, as we have all our mail order customers these past 60 years, that each of the items offered here is a one-of-a-kind, authentic antique.....with NO modern reproductions. That's why we go to such great lengths to describe each individual piece. Just as our catalogs always offered the most remarkable, intriguing and fascinating a collection to be found and made available in any store or catalog in the world, so, too, will we try to make these web pages as inviting! Also, please remember, all our antique firearms are sold as collectors' items only and are not guaranteed (nor recommended) for shooting reliability or safety. Sorry, no firearms sold to minors.

N. FLAYDERMAN & CO., INC. GUARANTEE: Our sound, unqualified guarantee stands firmly in back of every item you purchase from us. Your purchase price will be refunded in full if for any reason you are not fully satisfied. The item must be returned within five days after receipt in same condition as sent. No need for concern, a reasonable shipping time while en route to you (or back to us) is not counted!

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EDGED WEAPONS                                                 FIREARMS                                            MISCELLANEOUS







(R413) MINT CONDITION N.J. MARKED “REMINGTON NEW MODEL ARMY REVOLVER” .44 caliber percussion. Serial Number 71111. 1,000 purchased for Civil War use for the State of New Jersey. Very significant Civil War military revolver with a perfect bore!  Metal is mint with approx. 90% orig. blue (most of it quite bright) on cylinder and frame; about  90% is still on barrel and 95% still on the loading lever. Where metal is very lightly fading it is mixing with very few patches of age brown, but absolutely no pitting or blemishes. Mechanically perfect and the walnut grips are mint condition with perfect "N.J." marks. (F#5E-016)…An excellent example of this significant handgun of  both the Civil War and Indian Wars!……$4,800. 










R401      SUPERB EXAMPLE OF THE FAMOUS BEDFORD COUNTY PENNSYLVANIA, RELIEF CARVED, FULL STOCK KENTUCKY RIFLE BY A FAMOUS MAKER SPECIFICALLY NOTED FOR HIS SLENDER RIFLES WITH BEAUTIFULLY PROPORTIONED LOCKS AND HAMMERS WHICH ARE ALL EXEMPLIFIED ON THIS ORIGINAL FULL STOCK RELIEF CARVED PERCUSSION EXAMPLE OF HIS DISTINCTIVE OUTSTANDING WORK.  One of the leading makers of Bedford County!  “He excelled all others in the exquisite grace of his hammers and the slender lines of his stocks are outstanding.”  As is noted in the book “The Bedford County Rifle and its Makers” (1973).  And this particular rifle is certainly a superb example of that quality of grace and slender lines!  Particularly in the distinctive long narrow classic Defibaugh lock and his distinctive (if not unique) outstandingly graceful hammer!  38 inch octagon barrel boldly inscribed in script “W. DEFIBAUGH” with a matching large script “W.D.” on the lock.  Barrel has a .42 caliber rifled bore (about exc.).  Metal has an overall, very deep, smooth even, age brown patina showing normal wear and would rate exc. with some minor light pitting mostly around the breech at nipple.  Markings are exc.; mechanically all intact.  It weights approx. 10 pounds. Might need some minor adjustment to operate correctly; double set triggers only need some change to operate correctly.  Rifle is also immediately identifiable as that by Defibaugh by its long, slender and very delicate full, curly maple stock with the pronounced, deep, close, tiger stripe grain showing just smooth even aging and wear and is in exc. condition!  An old, very clean crack across wrist has been soundly mended and with some very minor attention can be made imperceptible.  Stock has the classic Defibaugh workmanship showing its highly desirable, profuse high relief fancy carving filling much of left side of butt stock and a relief carved section ahead of lock on each side of the combA large oval, silver inlay on cheekrest is engraved with a very quaint, early style of  American eagle and shield; 2 other silver, tear shaped and an oval silver inlay at the wrist.  Handsome, large brass patchbox with bold scroll engraving (appears to have been some later repairs or "improvements" to the brass inlays on each side of patch box "door" and the brass strip on the underside of the buttstock (all correctly done).  This rifle is wonderful forexhibiting the exact and specific  features for which this historic and famous Pennsylvania "Kentucky Rifle Maker" was noted !!  and amazingly it's on sale $15,000.





R410- MATCHED PAIR OF SMITH & WESSON REVOLVERS IN EXTREMELY RARE DOUBLE CASING ! Originally sold to a famous British firearms maker and dealer who in turn cased the pair and sold them to an ennobled Maharajah of India and whose personal markings appear on the gun and the case. Matched models No. 1½, Second Issue revolvers, caliber .32RF with 3½ inch round / ribbed barrels. Serial Nos. 50357 and 50495. Barrels and cyls each with tiny British proofs. Beautifully engraved along backstrap of each revolver "E. M. REILLY & CO. LONDON." Each gun in superb (and matched) condition (one retains 99 percent overall orig. bright blue; the other also 99 percent orig. bright blue on barrel and frame; cylinder about 90 percent plus; few spots blue flaked and mixing with age brown, but most still bright). Each gun engraved with a two letter Hindu marking on left frame just above the grip. Rosewood grips lightest wear, but exc. to mint. All case colors still visible on hammers just a bit light in spots. Markings, mechanically perfect. CASED IN A VERY RARE, ORIGINAL, FINE QUALITY WALNUT BOX WITH FANCY INSET BRASS CORNERS AND EDGES. Large fancy brass plaque in center with two letter Hindu engraved marking. Case exc. Original green bays fitted lining with some fading and showing normal aging and few worn spots inside, but sound. Original fancy label on inner lid "REILLY, GUN MAKER / NEW OXFORD STREET, LONDON" with design of their four storybuilding and store. Label also announces: "LARGE ASSORTMENTS ALWAYS READY FOR INDIA AND EMIGRANTS TO ALL PARTS OF THE UNIVERSE." Some penned Hindu letters in the upper corner of the label: *Also accompanying are three old red tags each imprinted: "NURAJ INDIA PVT. LTD." evidently a gun store or registry of India and penned entries (fading and worn) of these exact guns. This pair was sold with many items from the estate of that Maharajah at Sotheby’s and are shown in their catalog of May, 1974. A rare set…...$7,500.




R409 FACTORY ENGRAVED COLT THIRD MODEL DERINGER . Caliber .41 Rimfire. Original factory scroll and floral engraving covers the barrel and brass frame almost identical to specimen illustrated in classic reference “THE BOOK OF COLT FIREARMS” by Wilson, page 289 (upper right); not only is engraving almost identical, but serial number E26578 only 50 numbers apart! All metal, steel and brass frame exc.+ showing very little wear or use; smooth, even, light age brown patina to the steel barrel and smooth finish to the engraved brass (just the faintest traces of a silver finish still visible); it is exc.+ throughout. Markings and mechanically perfect. Very handsomely grained rosewood grips exc+…………….$2,950.







Overall just 5-3/4”, but that dimension does not truly indicate its very tiny, minute size. The handle and frame exceptionally small and beautifully made. Four individual 2 ½” round, screw-off barrels, each with 100 percent of an original very pronounced, spiral striped, fancy Damascus finish is exceptionally distinct and sharp. Metal exc+.  A tiny .23 (or .24) caliber.  Beautifully scroll and floral engraved frame and full length of backstrap.  Showing but lightest wear, the metal exc. +.  Markings and mechanically exc.+. “MARIETTE BREVETE” marked on the lower front side of handle; Liege proof at breech end of barrel cluster. Handsome, tiger-striped walnut grips exc. A truly elegant antique pepperbox of a size rarely encountered!.....



R407      FINE QUALITY EARLY BRITISH, CIRCA 1840’s, PERCUSSION 6 SHOT PEPPERBOX WITH VERY HANDSOMELY ENGRAVED GERMAN SILVER FRAME AND BACK STRAP.  6 shot; .40 caliber.  The 3 inch barrels each separated with a fluted steel rib.  Each side of frame and backstrap with lovely, delicate, engraved scroll and leaf designs with left, center panel engraved in 3 lines “CHARLES JONES / 26 ST. JAMES STREET / LONDON” and right center “IMPROVED / SELF-ACTING / REVOLVING PISTOL.”  Bar hammer also engraved, along top,  with similar leaf/ scroll engraving filling the iron triggerguard.  Age brown iron barrels,  hammer and guard; some light age blemishes, minor patches of fine pitting mostly around muzzle, metal will clean exc.  Walnut grips exc.  Mechanically exc.  The gun is unusually heavy  weighing 2 ½ lbs. (and yes, it is empty!).  It is noted that another very fine example of Jones pepperbox similar to this one, is illustrated and in close up detail in the  well known “Pepperbox Firearms” page 114 by J. Dunlap (1964), still a major guide to this field………………………….$2,450.





R399      THIS FINE CONDITION (ABOUT MINT) ETHAN ALLEN 6 SHOT .31 CALIBER PERCUSSION PEPPERBOX IS JUST BEGGING THE ATTENTION OF THE CURIOUS, DILIGENT AND INVETERATE ANTIQUE ARMS COLLECTOR AND RESEARCHER TO OWN IT AND WRITE IT UP AND FINALLY SPILL THE BEANS ABOUT THE NAMES INVOLVED!  It seems to have been awaiting for a long long time.  About mint condition authentic percussion pepperbox in its original antique wooden case with full lining intact and original antique label that give all indications that the gun was made not by Allen, but by one of Allen’s dealers the “BOLEN” company in New York City!  The pepperbox does allow the words “ALLEN’S PATENT” to remain in small letters stamped on the side of the bar hammer at the top of the frame giving only the indication that Allen owned the “patent” for the firearm and nothing else!  The 3 inch barrels retain 98% of the original blue finish with two of the narrow bars which separate barrels marked only with the patent dates while two other of those bars are deeply marked with name “BOLEN 104 B’WAY N.Y.”  The pepperbox itself is in very very fine exc. to mint condition.  Original fancy engraving scroll and floral filling the frame which has almost all original blue finish remaining (some fading, but it’s all there) and case hardening filling the hammer.  Original stamped/etched designs on the separate affixed nipple shield all in mint condition.  100% case hardening on hammer.  Metal exc. to mint.  Markings and mechanically perfect.  Grips mint.  CASE in its original handsome walnut box with full original deep green velvet compartment lining all exc.+ (just normal slight aging, but all intact) with all original accessories ( cavity mold; separate welding tool) very fine mint condition especially powder flask all intact .  Case exc.+.  The very important feature is the full authentic original label still intact of “J.G. BOLEN OF 104 BROADWAY NEW YORK CITY BETWEEN WALL AND PINE STREETS.”  It includes a full illustration of the pepperbox in the center of the label and inscribed on the side of the illustration of the hammer is that same company’s “J.G. Bolen N.Y.” name as if they too actually made the gun upon reading the full label which is fascinating as well the guns owner, as well as the reader, would immediately get the impression that BOLEN was manufacturer.  The Allen name is never mentioned on the label in which ends merely with the words “manufactured and for sale or by any quantity….J.G. Bolen” (with address).  It’s a fabulous collectors item for its condition and a fascinating piece for the story it tells and has yet to be told…………………………..$6,500.



R384  OHIO MADE "KENTUCKY STYLE" HALF STOCK PERCUSSION SPORTING RIFLE 1850-1860'S.  Long 38 inch octagon barrel; 46 caliber rifled bore (with thorough scouring will clean vg.+ or better).  Deep, even, age brown metal exc. (and with a thorough cleaning will clean even better)  very minor faint pitting mostly around  extreme breech and nipple.  Simple, but very well done, leaf and branch engraving on the back action lock, and matching on hammer, with marking all exc. +.  "T. DAVIDSON & CO / CIN'I"  Mechanically exc.+ with double set trigger; brass triggerguard and fancy shaped, inset, large Kentucky style, brass patchbox with the inside of the patchbox door bearing the stamped name of a Cincinnati maker or supplier "GARRATT" !   Curly maple half-stock has exceptionally closely formed "tiger stripes" .  Wood patina very dark from age needs just a very light surface cleaning but the wood itself shows just light normal wear and may be rated as excellent.  With some light cleaning I believe those "tiger stripes" will appear much clearer and outstanding as they are quite nice stripes !.  This rifle was likely originally owned at one time by  a Civil War Naval Veteran  for inlaid on left side of butt stock is a small 1 in. diameter brass Naval button with eagle and anchor design on it which adds nicely to the decoration.  Mechanically rifle is excellent.  It's weight 10½  pounds.  Stock is very sturdy constructed and in exc. condition with all brass mountings........ $2,950.






R403     IT WAS THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE FAMOUS MARLIN FIREARMS AND JOHN MARLIN’S INTRODUCTION INTO THAT VERY BUSINESS!  Here is a fine example of his very first produced handgun made c. 1863, the tiny .22 caliber rimfire “FIRST MODEL DERINGER SINGLE SHOT PISTOL”also known as the “BABY .22.”  2 1/6 inch oct/round barrel.  The tiny handgun just 4 inches overall; retains 99% of its original overall nickel finish; just few tiniest spots where nickel is flaked or worn at extreme edges (all very very minor) and overall is exc.+ to almost mint (just some few tiniest blemishes).  Markings "J.M. MARLIN / NEW HAVEN. CT." and mechanically exc.+.  Rosewood grips exc.+.  (F#5D-001).  Specimens of this earliest Marlin extremely scarce on collectors market and rarely seen in this fine condition…………………………$1,650.







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Swords, bayonets, Bowie knives, naval dirks, & misc. edged weapons



E877 EXTREMELY RARE NEWARK, NEW JERSEY CUTLER, ROCHUS HEINISCH CIRCA 1850-1865, clip point Bowie has distinctive iron birds head grip measuring 15 ¾” with a 10” blade.   Heinisch was a Newark, NJ cutler, his knives were quite rare. DISTINCTIVELY DESIGNED WITH UNIQUE CAST IRON, RIBBED HANDLES AND IT'S POMMEL IN THE CONTOUR OF AN EAGLE'S BEAK.   ...This exact one is pictured as no. 55 in ABLES, "Classic American Bowie Knife" , also previously part of the Bill Williamson collection and pictured on pg. 324 in "The Bowie Knife; Unsheathing an American Legend".   Knife is in very good - fine overall showing some original luster areas. …$8,200.













E878 HICKS RIFLEMAN’S KNIFE !!  EARLIEST GOVERNMENT CONTRACTED KNIVES FOR ISSUANCE TO COMPANIES OF "RIFLEMEN" OF THE U.S. ARMY. Circa late 1830's. 14 inches overall with 9 1/2 inch single edge, straight blade with an accentuated, slanted spear point; sharpened on both sides at 3 inches of tip. High median ridge on both sides.  Reinforced type, heavy elliptical brass crossguard.  One-piece wood grips with wide brass strips covering side edges, fastened by 14 screws; shorter brass inserts front and reverse of grips.  Maker marks stamped in the wood grips near pommel: "A.G. HICKS / MAKER / CLEV'D O."   Top of pommel is missing with belt loop with Hicks marking being very good  and easily discerned and added leather scabbard.   This exact knife is pictured on page 175 of "The Bowie Knife; Unsheathing an American Legend".…….$7,500.








E871     VERY SCARCE SABER BAYONET FOR CIVIL WAR U.S. NAVY MODEL 1863 SPENCER REPEATING .52 CALIBER RIFLE (with lug for bayonet on underside of muzzle).  Brass hilt.  28 ¾ inches overall.  Straight 24 inch, single edge blade with maker marks “S & K” on obverse ricasso and deep marked naval anchor with inspector initials on reverse ricasso and the center of iron cross guard above ricasso.  Bayonet shows just lightest wear and normal aging with a nice, even, age brown patina to the iron and steel.  Any rusting or pitting is negligible; all metal is exc. (and will clean even better!). Not accompanied with sheath. Bayonet identical to that described in “The American Bayonet 1776-1964” by Hardin No. 98; type II.  With less than a thousand of those Spencer rifles ordered by the Navy, and having two variations of bayonets adapted to it, obviously classifies this bayonet as rarity! …………only…$475.



E867 - Were these noted English cutlers deliberately disloyal to England by marking a Bowie knife of theirs designed specifically for the American Western market (circa 1850) with a decidedly anti-British motto.  Classic Sheffield made cutlery handle Bowie knife circa 1850.  Clip point 8 ½ inch single edge blade with profuse, die-struck, ciphered type markings which include three scroll-like ribands along top with mottos in each:  “54-40 NO COMPROMISE” “THE WESTERN SPORTING KNIFE”… “49 WILL DO”.  The “54-40” directly refers to historic clash between U.S. and England on the Oregon and Canadian boundary dispute of 1846 that proposed to adjust the boundary on the “49’th parallel.”  The reader will note that the actual Democratic Party slogan for the presidential election for James Polk of 1846 was “54-40 for FIGHT!”.  Lower section of blade almost its full length has profuse “cipher” stampings of hunter on horse following a pack of hounds who are chasing a wild stag whose body is marked “I’m Off.”  Markings under ricasso of the noted makers “EDWARD BARNES & SONS/226 SOLLY ST,/SHEFFIELD.”  Just lightest wear to blade; markings are exc.  Some light wear to only front and back lower markings, otherwise all are exc.  Shows some light polishing marks to blade, but all minor would rate blade as exc.  German silver cutlery style handle exc. with fancy edged german silver crossguard.  Accompanied by original gold embossed black leather sheath; some small patches of scuffing and minor wear spots, but very sound and intact.  A very interesting embossed design in center of a flying open winged dove holding what appears to be an olive branch in beak; german silver mounts and frog stud. This is the identical knife and sheath illustrated page 417 “The Bowie Knife; Unsheathing an American Legend” page 417.  NOTE:  The “54-40”motto is not merely seldom mentioned in literature but extremely few other known specimens bearing that same slogan. Its direct association with American history and particularly that of Oregon and the west adds significantly to its fascination and allure by that direct connection to an important little known piece of American history…and one which is truly unique to be seen affixed to a Bowie knife!.......$22,500. ...now just $12,500.



E857 THE VERY ULTIMATE OF ANTIQUE BOWIE KNIFE SPLENDOR ! Solid, one - piece mother-of pearl handle ANTIQUE BOWIE KNIFE with pommel carved in large well-defined shape of eagle's head and long narrow gold escutcheon inlaid in center of pearl grip section with deeply engraved sterling silver crossguard and fancy wide silver barrel at base of grips ferrule. Five and a half-inch clip point single edge blade with sharpened "false edge" marked blade "THOMAS TURNER & COMPY". Ricasso marked "SUFFOLK WORKS / SHEFFIELD", blade is just about mint condition, (overall knife is just about mint condition as well). Original all sterling silver sheath fully and fancy engraved on both sides full length is also in exc. condition with profuse deep sunken silver makers, all marks along top edge and on the silver belt clip also indicating THOMAS TURNER ( "TT") accompanied with his trademark indicating date of fabrication as 1871. This is the exact Bowie illustrated / described (page 368) in "The Bowie Knife: Unsheathing An American Legend"... Seldom if ever is any Bowie knife seen available on the collectors market !! And here is one that is for sale at only.... $12,000.











E866 UNIQUE EARLY AMERICAN FIGHTING KNIFE BY NOTABLE EARLY BALTIMORE CUTLER AND SURGICAL INSTRUMENT MAKER “CHARLES REINHARDT.” VERY POSSIBLY DESIGNED TO COMPETE FOR THE CONTRACT AGAINST THE AMES MODEL 1849 “U.S. RIFLEMAN’S KNIFE”!  The knife is decidedly classified in the generalization as a “Bowie” type and is quite definitely circa 1840’s as the markings clearly indicate.  16 ½ inches overall; straight 11 inch double edge, spear point blade which widens towards tip with a fuller extending almost full length in its center.  Marked parallel to the blade in its center, about an inch below the large rounded, forged bolster, large letters “C. REINHARDT / BAL’T”.  (Note:  The “C” visible, but weak; the “T” at end of name is but partially and very faintly visible; however, that is not unusual for Reinhardt markings as can be seen in other close up photos of his markings); markings are otherwise exc. showing just some normal wear and aging and are absolutely authentic.  Blade has some patches, very very fine surface pitting; all very minor.  Minor with surface blemishes, will clean or polish vg to exc. or better.  Two piece dark wood handle fastened with three iron pins vg+; few small nicks or scratches.  Very well made, sturdy iron crossguard.  It becomes obvious when hefting this knife that it was intended for serious duty! This knife is the one illustrated on page 330 (shown above) in “The Bowie Knife; Unsheathing an American Legend”$17,500. $8,500.




E841      A RARE EARLY SHEFFIELD BOWIE MADE SPECIFICALLY FOR THE AMERICAN MARKET BY ONE OF THE COMPANY OWNERS WHO ALSO ACTED AS ITS AGENT AND LIVED IN BROOKLYN!  “A REAL MISSISSIPPIAN.”  Is the large etched motto filling almost half the length of the 9 inch single edge, straight, spear point blade of this circa 1845-1853 Bowie knife by rare maker.  Has 5 inch sharpened “false” edge also.  The motto is surrounded for its full length, right to the very tip with an etched panel of scroll and broad leaf designs as well.  The etching shows aging and light wear but all visible and vg.  Very deeply marked (and exc.+) on the ricasso “IBBOTSON PEACE & Co / SHEFFIELD” and also marked horizontally on blade (deeply stamped in a narrow panel above the etched motto in small letters) “OF THE BEST QUALITY.”  Blade showing light wear and aging with a gray patina and some light rust patches which when cleaned might leave some very very minor light patches of pitting only.  Overall Bowie is 13 ½ inches.  Very handsome handle with german silver mounts.  Fancy, delicate high relief engraved floral motifs on the ferrule (silver ring at the bottom of the beautifully checkered black ebony grips; deeply fluted pommel).  ACCOMPANIED WITH original red leather covered sheath showing usual age and wear; minor single spot along one edge where worn through, other than that, very sound.  Gilt embossing along all edges showing wear as well, but sound.  Fancy gilt design in center both sides; original brass tip and upper mount with frog stud intact.  This Bowie and sheath the exact specimens illustrated (page 35) in “The Bowie Knife; Unsheathing an American Legend.”  This Bowie was also displayed at the National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum; exhibition title: “The Bowie Knife: Icon of American Character.” in 2011 .....$12,500.




An unrivaled medley of military, nautical and Western Americana together with a fascinating variety
of related collectibles c. 1750-1890's… with notable emphasis on the Civil War 1861-1865….



Although antique firearms & edged weapons have always been, and continue to be, our primary specialties, we have always handled a very wide & diverse range of antique and collectable MILITARIA (particularly American),  CIVIL WAR ARTIFACTS AND HISTORICAL OBJECTS (for which we have been particularly noted over the years in national publications); including antique nautical artifacts; American western & frontier memorabilia; recruiting and political posters of the 19’th century (Civil War eras particularly); powder flasks & carved powder horns… & a very impressive and broad cross section of historic letters and documents, diaries, journals & log books (etc.) both military & nautical of the 18’th and 19’th century & much more… all of which are to be found in the 120 mail order catalogs we issued between 1954 and 1998.We never ceased to find it always fascinating to assemble the items & describe them for this following “COLLECTANEA” section & trust the reader will be equally absorbed when reading it!




M833 BRITISH WARSHIPS BLOCKADE AMERICAN PORTS IN NEW ENGLAND DURING WAR OF 1812.  Beautifully penned 4 page letter by American ship owner from Boston; September 10, 1814 to the U.S. Customs agent at Dighton (next to Fall, River) Mass. where his ship was in port, advising he is sending “copy” of letter he just received from Sec’y of U.S. Treasury, and then proceeds on pages 2 and 3 to copy that letter in full in his own hand…in which the Sec’y urgently advises him that the ship MARY ANN after leaving port at Providence, R.I. sailed only as far as Newport where it anchored, as “…a number of British vessels of war appeared [and] the captain was obliged to remain there as it was impossible to proceed without being captured by the enemy as port was blockaded…Town Council of Newport alarmed, fearing the enemy intended to attack the shipping in the harbor…and endanger safety of the town…all vessels ordered to leave the port…Captain forced to proceed to port of Dighton and now remains without possibility of getting to sea [or] prospect of escaping capture.”  Ship owner then seeks help and permission to anchor and re-land his cargo without necessity to pay customs duties, etc.  Page 4 acts as cover with address to the U.S. Customs officer. Penmanship very fine; few minor tears. Small chip on blank margin. FINE WAR OF 1812 ITEM SHOWING GREAT URGENCY OF THE MOMENT.

ACCOMPANIED WITH second single sheet beautifully penned letter 

“Newport July 15, 1814” dated; also to Nath’l Williams (U.S. Customs collector at Dighton) from a “Silas Dean.”  Advising “the Brig Mary Ann; Capt. Reynolds, was at this port under my directions by order of the Town Council…was ordered from this port and as our harbour is closely blockaded she could not proceed to sea with any safety.  I thought it proper to send her to your district…(with further suggestions maintaining the safety of the crew on board or discharging them until situation became safe)…if this is the proper course please inform me…or if in your opinion she will lay in safety where she now is, or would she be more secure further up?”  Exc.  Both only…..$175. and now both just $125.      







M832 SEC’Y OF WAR EDWIN STANTON ACKNOWLEDGES RECEIPT FEB. 1864 OF A MEDAL AND THANKS A FAMOUS ORGANIZATION FOR ITS PATRIOTISM DURING THE CIVIL WAR. Single sheet broadside on heavyweight paper. Although printed, it is made to resemble Stanton’s personal handwriting with his facsimile signature. Obvious that it was printed during same period letter was written; made to send to every member of the prestigious and influential organization to which it was addressed. It has standard (fancy style) letterhead “WAR DEPARTMENT WASHINGTON CITY…FEB. 6, 1864” addressed to George H. Baker / “Secretary of the Union League of Philadelphia.” 9 x 11 ½. “On my return from the West I received the silver medal and testimonial of your appreciation…I express my grateful thanks…in this great contest of a free republican government against slave holding treason and rebellion, your league has borne a distinguished part…your labors contributed no small share. In the most perilous hours of the struggle…your faith remains unshaken…patriotic fire still burn brightly upon your altar and the heart of the nation was quickened by the unflinching courage of the Union League…[etc.] Light aging; minor tear on fold; exc. condition…$89.50




M831  The "Jeff Davis"officer's eagle insignia for Hardee Hat.... Posed with the problem of how to make the Hardee hat look military they added an insignia to loop the side of the hat up. These eagles saw service 1858-1871. They are said to be among the more beautiful creations of the embroiderer's art.  Both hooks are intact as seen below, measure 3 inches in height and 2 ¼ inches at widest point...This scarce piece is in fine condition...... $650.









M830 CIRCA 1835 EAGLE LEAD FILLED SHAKO HAT PLATE, wingspan 3 inches, height just over 2 inches....excellent condition.....  $225









M829  SCARCE AND FINE CIVIL WAR "CROSSED SABER" CALVARY INSIGNIA FOR ENLISTEDMAN COMPLETE WITH FOUR LOOPS...measures 2 inches in length and 1 ½ inches in height.....$250











M828  Exceptional Confederate standard Richmond made 2 piece - tongue and wreath style "CS" Calvary original sword belt and belt plate with excellent patina. Belt complete but leather is broken/split in two places on the rear side of belt, 2 belt loops, one in need of stitching.  Belt plate is in EXC. + Condition......  $4,200










M827    ISSUED TO HONOR AND COMMEMORATE A HISTORY MAKING, WORLD FAMOUS FEAT!  Commemorative copper medal (1 ¼ inch dia.) with large unique lettering entirely bordering edging on obverse side:  “FIRST NON-STOP FLIGHT NEW YORK TO PARIS . CAPT. CHARLES A. LINDBERGH.”  With very fine relief profile bust of Lindbergh in center surrounded with dates “MAY 20’th / MAY 21’st / 1927.”  Reverse of medal has relief design of his famous single engine plane in flight with lettering “THE SPIRIT OF ST. LOUIS” above it and an American shield below it and in very large letters edging “LUCKY LINDBERGH COIN.”  The artist’s name (or names) in extremely tiny, relief lettering along bottom edge “Whitehead-Mead.”  95 to 98% original heavy gilt finish still remaining both sides of the medal showing just some slight storage aging.  This was issued same year as flight (1927)…….$100.




M825a WWI  ERA GOLD PLATED STERLING MARKED AVIATION INSTRUCTORS PIN, measures 2 inches in length by approximately a half inch at widest point in height ...$275






M825b WWI ERA EMBROIDERED AVIATION INSTRUCTORS PATCH, measures 2 and one-quarter inches in length and just over a half inch at widest point in height.... $275











M822 MID - 1920'S PILOTS COLLAR INSIGNIA.....$175     





















M819 EXTREMELY RARE BRASS STATE OF MAINE CIRCA 1810 ( WAR OF 1812 PERIOD) BELT PLATE, BEARS STATE OF MAINE DEVICE AND POINTED FIVE STAR. DIE STAMPED WELL STRUCK LIKELY OFFICERS SWORD BELT PLATE.... measures 2.52 by 2.52 inches.  Pictured in "Plates and Buckles of the American Military 1795-1874" by Syndney Kerksis, 1974. (Figure 81)   ..... $400 SOLD















M817 BRITISH CAVALRYMEN THREATEN TO EXPOSE AND PUNISH THOSE SEEKING TO CAUSE MUTINY IN THE BRITISH ARMY IN 1797!  Rare, original, single sheet printed broadside datelined “DURHAM MAY 31, 1797.”  6 ½ x 8 ½; blank on reverse.  Bold print style; single large paragraph with printed signatures below (also bold typeface) of the Sgt. Major and 5 other Sgts. of 5 different troops of the “LOTHIAN REG’T FENCIBLE CAVALRY.”  Their message:  “The non-commissioned officers and privates [of the Reg’t]…express gratitude to His Majesty for his paternal care…by an increase of our pay and ensure [him] that out love to our King and country stand firm and unshaken.  We hear with indignation that there are people in the country so abandoned [in] league with our enemies who endeavor to seduce the Army from its allegiance to His Majesty [and] repel with contempt such scandalous attempts and exert ourselves in exposing and bringing to punishment those who seek to ruin our country and happy constitution, [etc.]…and swear further allegiance to the King and Regimental Colonel…”  Fine condition; completely authentic; rare and very historical.  Is to be remembered that those years were indeed very critical ones in history for the British who would soon to be facing a threatened invasion, as well……$135.



M815  "TO-NIGHT ! ... SOLDIERS BENEFIT.... AT TOWN HALL, MARLBOROUGH, N.H....MAY 22, 1884...TO AID IN THE EXPENSE OF MEMORIAL DAY."  Graphic, colorfully worded bold printed 5 x 10 broadside (blank reverse) on bright yellow paper.  Classic Americana of that era to help the Civil War veterans with "ENTERTAINMENT WILL CONSIST OF DECLAMATIONS, RECITATIONS, WAR SONGS...A SHORT PLAY."  Very colorful.  Exc. + Condition....  $149.






 M813       SHE WAS HUNG FOR A MURDER SHE DID NOT COMMIT…AND FOUND INNOCENT TOO LATE!  Although undated, this English poster will quite definitely date circa 1830 and probably even earlier.  10 x 15 (blank on reverse) with multi-style and size bold headlines:  “A LIFE, TRIAL AND EXECUTION OF MARY WHITE, AGED 19 WHO WAS EXECUTED AT EXETER ON SATURDAY LAST FOR THE MURDER OF HER MASTER AND MISTRESS GIVING AN ACCOUNT OF HER INNOCENCE BEING PROVED AND THE REAL MURDERER DISCOVERED.  And a large quaint woodcut illustration full width of page being read her last rights at the gallows surrounded by a huge crowd of people (looks like mostly women) in the center of a small British country town (a windmill in far background)…………………………………………………………….$125.



R814        THE VERY LAST PHOTOGRAPHIC PORTRAIT OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN!  Taken by Henry F. Warren of Massachusetts at the White House, March 1865.  Sharp and detailed of the tired, possibly a bit annoyed President, his hair a bit disheveled. 4 x 5 ½; mounted on paperboard card, (which which in turn was originally mounted on a 5 ½ x 9 heavier paperboard card, professionally hand labeled below “PHOTO BY H. F. WARREN / WALTHAM, MASS. /  TAKEN ON BALCONY OF WHITE HOUSE / MARCH 6, 1865.”  Card is aging, small piece out upper corner.  This photo and card originally in the collection of the famous Lincoln historian and collector of Lincoln photos FREDERICK HILL MESERVE (part of whose collection we owned many years ago, which included at the time much correspondence to Meserve from Robert Todd Lincoln).  This Warren portrait is just about identical to that illustrated in “Lincoln in Photographs; an Album of Every Known Pose” by Hamilton & Ostendorf (1963) Entry No. 0-112).  Normal aging & sepia toning; condition sharpness exc.+…$799. SOLD






M671 - ANTIQUE WOOD CARVED BUST OF ABRAHAM LINCOLN.  Very masterfully and skillfully carved by an obviously highly talented artist.  There is no mistaking that it is President Lincoln.  Sculpted from a single piece of dark wood which over the years has acquired an even darker patina, reflecting its age.  Height 6 ½ inches; max. width 5 inches. We estimate its period of origins circa late 1800’s to early 1900’s.  Exc.+ condition (accompanied with a well made, simple two section (max. 6 x 8) easily removable, lighter wood base that the last owner made for use in displaying this carving.  Makes a fine centerpiece for any Civil War collection display!.....$350.





M810 UNIQUE, OUTSTANDING QUALITY, PRESENTATION INSCRIBED U.S. PATTERN OF 1874 BRASS BELT PLATE.  This the identical specimen illustrated plate 923“American Military Belt Plates” (O’Donnell).  2 ¼ x 3 ¼.  Very fine quality, interesting construction on which the outer, wide frame appears to be separately affixed.  Although apparently misdescribed as silver construction it appears to be all brass with much original silver finish remaining (wearing thin on face side).  Fine quality, large, Old English style lettering engraved inscription on bottom edge of frame “A to L.”  Very fine quality detail, high relief American eagle, shield, riband, wreath, etc. design all exc.+.  Just minor wear.  Unique fittings on reverse (between applied belt loop bars and silver tongue in center of the buckle) causing authors to classify buckle as a “Ladies Presentation” style.  This buckle in a unique category.  The most handsome example is  just.…$245. SOLD






M674 IT WAS BOTH A FRIENDLY INVITATION AND A BRISK COMMAND BY THE ANTI-SLAVERY SOCIETY FOR THEIR SPECIAL CONVENTION AND DIRECTIONS ON HOW TO VOTE AT THE COMING 1840 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTIONS (HARRISON v. s. VAN BUREN).Two page, neatly penned, lengthy personal letter from the “Committee of Arrangements” at their “ANTI-SLAVERY ROOMS/BOSTON/SEPT. 14, 1840.”  Sent to “Dear Friend” with letter addressed at his business to the “Augustus Morton & Co. / Beverly / Mass.” Letter opens with personal invitation to attend two significant Society meetings soon to be held at Springfield and Worcester, Mass. “the largest everthe subjects to be discussed of immediate importance at the present crisis [namely] the duty of anti-slavery voters to with-hold their support from pro-slavery candidates at the coming state and Presidential elections…and the duty of abolitionist in relation to pro-slavery parties and sects.”  Letter continues with extremely strong urging for sacrifice that “…ought to be done and must be done for the cause of the slave and for this reason we hope to see the abolitionist [of Massachusetts] at these conventions by the hundreds…”  Signed by 3 members of “committee.”  Reverse side with address.  Some minor light brown spotting, one page only; few small pieces on blank margins; one very small piece out on top of center fold blemished one word; 2 partial tears on centerfolds….$84.50 SOLD



M809- THE TWO ROADS TO PEACE!... HOW SHALL WE END THE REBELLION—SHALL WE COAX IT, OR CRUSH IT?”  Those are the bold headlines at top of this 10 x 12 original Civil War broadside ISSUED IN 1864 FOR ABRAHAM LINCOLN’S SECOND PRESIDENTIAL CAMPAIGN! and printed at bottom “Published by the National Union Committee, New York.”  Two wide columns of text fill most of the broadside of strongly worded support of “The Baltimore Platform” of the Republican party, urging support for Lincoln and the “FORCE OF ARMS” versus the “CHICAGO PLATFORM” of the Democratic party.  Lower section itemizes what was wrong with the “Chicago Platform” of the Democrats!  And it ends with an appeal to American citizens that “…IT IS A CONTEST FOR THE LIFE OF THE NATION!  IF WE SURRENDER TO THE REBELLION THE UNION IS GONE FOREVER.  IF WE FIGHT THE REBELS A LITTLE LONGER IT IS SAFE FOREVER.”. Colorfully worded and superbly reflects the passions of America during that heated campaign year. Paper has acquired normal light aging and a narrow damp stain across its center, (not obscuring any wording). Tiny piece out on blank margin only. It is blank on its reverse side; and is authentic Civil War political Americana and Lincolnia.  It ends on its bottom line with the dramatic appeal:  “THE ELECTION OF LINCOLN AND JOHNSON IS THE DEATH KNELL OF THE REBELLION!!”$475.00 now only $350.


M808     The former New Englander was now thought of as “THE GREAT GUN FROM THE WEST!”  1863 dated, very boldly printed 19 x 25 poster (blank on reverse) announcing in extremely large, bold print style, that former New Englander and more recently (1854-1861) Congressman from Michigan WILLIAM HOWARD (who was then in 1863 Chairman of Michigan Republican party) would be in MARLBOROUGH (Mass.) and “WILL ADDRESS THE CITIZENS THURSDAY EVENING FEB. 26, 1863 AT 7:00.”  The bold closing line at bottom of poster urges citizens:  “FRIENDS OF THE UNION AND THE GOVERNMENT!  TURN OUT TO HEAR THE GREAT GUN FROM THE WEST!”  (In  1878 Howard was appointed Governor of Dakota territory.)  Condition a bit rough; torn in three sections with just a few  pieces missing from a few partial letters (easily filled in when assembled and backed properly).  Few small pieces out on blank margins.  Very worthy of restoring……………………$135. NOW JUST $57.50


http://www.flayderman.com/images/m642_small.gifM804 - THE FRENCH REVOLUTIONARY GOV’T CONDEMNS THE OLD REGIME FOR TOLERATING Goster 16" x 20" withmassive five lines of headlines (some with type as huge as 1 ½ inches high) in very bold two column (all AMBLING!  1790 DATED PARIS POSTER BY THE MAYOR OF THAT FAMOUS CITY REMINDING CITIZENS OF THE VARIOUS DISTRICTS OF PARIS  “…ON THE PROHIBITION OF GAMBLING!.”  Original pFrench text) reminding citizens that the law is going to come down hard against games and houses where gambling is taking place; reminding them the laws are still in effect against “nefarious abuses” and that police are directed to keep watch and denounce perpetrators… “you should not hide anything from us…debauchery, anarchy and (other things) that go along with gambling houses…citizens fortunes eaten up…condemnable abuse of former regime who tolerated these houses proliferating…”  and much more seeking cooperation of the Parisians.  Dated “Paris July, 1790” and with printed signature of the Mayor. Printer’s signature and date “1790” at bottom. Minor typical aging of documents of this type, but very sound.  Just the extreme edges of margins very slightly trimmed (but may have been actually issued this way).  Very modestly valued just…..$175 and very immodestly down-valued at only $89.50





 M803 - NAPOLEON ABDICATED AND THE KING RESTORED TO THE FRENCH THRONE!  Rare French printed broadside dated “PARIS 20 APRIL, 1814”…just 6 days after Napoleon exiled to Elba.  Single sheet 8 x 12; both sides (pages 3 and 4 blank).  French text.  Very bold printed headlines “MINISTER OF WAR…PROCLAMATION.”  All printed in large typeface with very bold heading addressed to “SOLDIERS” (of France): declaring joy for the restoration for the monarchy and proceeds to extol “…this spectacular, joyous Revolution you participated in [and] bless the return of the legitimate dynasty which alone can bring peace and happiness…the King’s brother is touched by your devotion…the faith of each soldier is the concern of the Gov’t…honor your flag…you will be returning the love of a Prince whose presence has taken France from a state of oppression and humiliation into prosperous order.”  The ruling Bourbons had returned for but a short period until Napoleon soon escaped from Elba and reorganized his Army (only to lose it a year later, 1815, at the Battle of Waterloo).  Printed signature of “GENERAL COMPTE DUPONTE” (who had earlier served under Napoleon but was disgraced by his surrender to the Spanish in 1808).  Duponte had returned as Minister of War but fled when Napoleon returned from Elba!  Broadside bears imprint of the official signature of the Royal Printer, “A PARIS, DE L’IMPRIMERIE ROYALE, AVRIL 1814” at bottom.  Exc.+.  Completely original  historic document…$275.





http://www.flayderman.com/images/M658a_002.jpgM806     With the British Army facing the anguish of disloyalty in 1797 the soldiers of a regiment offer a big reward for arrest of persons attempting to seduce fellow soldiers to desert!  Rare original, bold printed single sheet (8 x 13) broadside (blank on reverse) with wide margins, intended for circulation among other regiments and the wide civilian population in the general area surrounding their campgrounds.  Datelined at top “HEADQUARTERS, SCARBOROUGH, JUNE 12, 1797.”  Text declares that the non-com Officers, Drummers, Privates of the Royal North Lincolnshire Reg’t of Militia “…impressed with the most widely sentiments of duty and loyalty to our Sovereign, with the warmest attachment to our Religion and happy constitution, feel ourselves called upon at this important Crisis when treachery and sedition are abroad to offer a reward of $100 POUNDS...for bringing to conviction and punishment all persons who shall attempt to seduce the Affection and Allegiance of His Majesty’s Subjects, or dare to shake the honor of his Soldiery by causing them to swerve from their principles of love, duty and gratitude to their King and Country; which WE [name of regt.]are proud to declare, will stand true and firm in the most perilous moments, and thereby testify our high sense of the liberality of Parliament and the Paternal Care and attention of His Majesty…” it further advises that if any non-com, drummer or private should catch such a person they will not accept the reward as they consider it part of their duty to do so.  Lower half of the broadside headed by bold “GOD SAVE THE KING” has three columns of listing of the names of all the Sgts. Corporals of that regiment including the “drum major” who are signing for “themselves, the drummers and the privates.”  Just the normal very light aging; condition exc.  Some few slightest margin nicks.  Completely authentic.  A remarkable document most worthy of framing and discussion!.............................$250. and our markdown price is an attempt to secure a collector to purchase it !!  $145.




M802 - GEN’L GRANT PROCLAIMED REPUBLICAN CHOICE FOR PRESIDENT.  “1867” dated poster; large15 x 20 with huge headline “TRUE REPUBLICAN DOCTRINE…READ, REFLECT, CIRCULATE AND POST” published by the “Republican State Committee” of  Concord, New Hampshire announcing that Grant was their first choice for president in the coming election.  Three column wide, affirming Lincoln’s policies will be continued if Grant elected.  Text is virulently anti-Pres. Johnson who had just gone through impeachment hearings.  (Includes account of Grant’s letters to Andrew Johnson protesting Johnson’s removal of Gen’l Sheridan and others “…with a presidential campaign before us…under the lead of Grant, if we do our duty the last hope of treason will be crushed…throw your ballots as the Armies under his command sent their bullets straight to the heart of treason.”  Some normal light aging; few tiny, minor tears on the folds; exc.  Important and scarce original political Americana…and only..$195.    And that was a very modest price!  But here's an even more inviting one... $125.




M806 - BRITISH SOLDIERS OFFER THEIR OWN MONEY AS REWARD FOR PERSONS TEMPTING THEM TO MUTINY!  Unique “Norwich England May 26, 1797” dated poster/broadside (9 x 15; blank on reverse side) printed in very large, bold print style:…“Whereas on Wednesday evening…a number of most scandalous, wicked and seditious HANDBILLS were put under the Gate of the Barracks occupied by the Oxfordshire Regiment of Militia, tending to excite Jealousy and Misunderstanding between Officers and Soldiers and thereby to excite MUTINY and DISOBEDIENCE on the part of the men…NOW WE, THE NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICERS AND PRIVATES OF THE REGIMENT, UTTERLY ABHORRING THE PRINCIPLES LAID DOWN IN THOSE SEDITIOUS BILLS AND BEING FIRMLY ATTACHED TO OUR OFFICERS AND OUR KING AND CONSTITUTION, WHICH WE ARE DETERMINED TO DEFEND AGAINST ALL FOREIGN AND DOMESTIC ENEMIES, DO HEREBY OFFER A REWARD OF THREE DAYS PAY FROM EACH NON-COMMISSIONED OFFICER AND PRIVATE SOLDIER, FOR APPREHENDING AND CONVICTING THE PERSON OR PERSONS WHO DISTRIBUTED THE ABOVE BILLS.”  …Signed with very bold printed signature of the Sgt.-Major of the regiment and printed list of other Sgt’s, who were acting “For the Other Non-commissioned Officers and Privates”.  Normal light aging; exc.+ condition; small minor nicks on one blank margin only. Very displayable…$135.  ....and now very (very!) low priced!  $79.50




M799    BARRELS OF BRITISH BATTLESHIP RELICS!  Collecting relics of famous vessels has always been popular…but it apparently was particularly so for the British public in the late 19’th and early 20’th century when British shipyards and ship wrecking companies made it common practice when a British warship was taken out of service and dismantled, especially if the vessel had a notoriety or good history in its time of service that my relics were made from some of its wooden or lesser metal parts to sell to a ready market at the time.  The following little miniature wooden barrels are all made of teak wood are typical of the most popular type of relic of those shipyards each with a very small professionally made brass plaque affixed to it (each one different, each one with lettering style different, but the lettering very professionally applied all in relief letters with delicate small matching border all different sized as described) and all guaranteed absolutely original to them…… all 5 for $600... 4 for $425.



M799A                       “FROM THE TEAK OF THE HMS IRON DUKE / ADMIRAL JELLICOE’S FLAG SHIP / JUTLAND 1916” are the three line relief letter markings on the brass 2 inch high by approx. 2 inch maximum diameter miniature teakwood relic barrel made from that famous vessel.  Shows its age and nice patina 3 line inscription on the 3 line ½ x 2 brass plaque….$150.

M799B                       “FROM THE TEAK OF / H.M.S. VALIANT / JUTLAND 1916” 3 line relief markings on approx. ½ x 2 brass plaque on approx. 2 inch high x 1 ¾ max. diameter miniature wood barrel made from that famous warship that had partaken in one of World War I’s most heated naval battles.  Lovely rich mellow patina to the wood.  Exc.+….$

M648C                       “FROM THE DECK OF / H.M.S. WARSPITE” are the two line bold relief markings on the brass plaque on this nicely grained and patina tiny (and delicately made) 1 ¾ x 1 ½ (max. diameter) teakwood relic barrel from that British war vessel.  Although there were 6 British warships that bore that same name (the earliest was 1596!) it is reasonably certain that this little relic was from the last one a battleship built in 1915 and that served with distinction at the Battle of Jutland in WWI.  Condition is exc.+….$

M799D                       IT WAS IN BRITISH ROYAL NAVY SERVICE FOR 109 YEARS!  Miniature relic wooden barrel believe this also to be teakwood with much larger 1 x 2 brass label affixed having 8 lines of relief lettering on the brass label:  “HMS GANGES / BUILT BOMBAY 1821 / BROKEN UP AT PLYMOUTH 1930 / THE LAST SAILING SHIP TO SERVE / AS SEA GOING FLAGSHIP” followed by two lines of the London shipyard and their address who had dismantled the vessel.  Also included with three other names that the vessel had earlier sailed under during its history.  Wood shows its aging as does the brass, but all is intact.  Few slight dents on the brass….$
150. SOLD

M799E                        AT HER TIME SHE WAS THE LARGEST AND FASTEST SHIP IN THE WORLD! (and it seems she was famous enough that the wooden miniature barrel relic was worthy of making as a keepsake even if she wasn’t military!).  Here’s a fine souvenir of the famous ship.  Beautifully grained tiny 2 x 2 barrel (very dark smooth patina in its age, but exc.+) with the three line relief lettered brass plaque ½ x 2 (affixed has traces of gilt finish remaining):  “FROM THE DECKING OF THE / MAURETANIA / THE BOLD LADY OF THE ATLANTIC.”  The famous ocean liner was launched 1906 she made the very fastest transatlantic crossing on her first season in 1907 and held the speed record for 22 years!  At the time of her launch, she was the largest ship ever built (even larger in size and lengthier than her sister ship the famous “Lusitania”).  In WWI she served Royal Navy as a troop transport and a hospital ship resuming civilian service in 1918 until she was scrapped in 1934…….$





(M793) - IT WAS A TIME OF WIDESPREAD DISSATISFACTION AND IMPENDING MUTINY AMONG ENGLAND’S MILITARY IN THAT ERA OF A THREATENED INVASION BY NAPOLEON!  In reading this unique June 5, 1797 dated printed broadside it appears as if the King and the British government were buying the public’s patriotism!  Single sheet; 7 ½ x 13; blank reverse.  Broadside opens by:  “…We, the non-commissioned Officers and Privates of the Two Troops of Norfolk Fencible Cavalry [thanking the King] with true hartfelt [sic] gratitude to our KING and Country for our late unexpected increase of Pay…and assure His Majesty of our sincere attachment to the best of Kings and our glorious constitution, in Defence of which we shall ever be ready to shed the Last drop of our Blood.”  Broadside was issued by the non-coms and privates of the NORFOLK FENCIBLE CAVALRY and addressed to their commanding officer and publically posted at their own as well as other militia company barracks throughout England.  It is poignantly an ultra-patriotically phrased:  “…There have been persons wicked enough to distribute infamous HAND-BILLS and other SEDITIOUS WRITINGS amongst our brother soldiers in various parts of the kingdom…exciting a misunderstanding between them and their officers to wean them from their affections to their King and Country…we feel just indignation…all such villainous attempts to seduce us from our attachment to our beloved King and Country [we hold in] greatest abhorrence…to prevent such insults we OFFER A REWARD OF THREE DAYS PAY to any soldier who gives information about any person who makes such wicked attempts in seditious writings or persuasive language to excite disturbance [among] the troops.”  …Broadside further asks their commander to make the King aware of their gratefulness for his “…goodness towards us and their unshaken support for him…while any spark of life remains.”  Exc.+ condition.  Just some slight normal aging.  Completely authentic with the printed names of the various sergeants and corporals who prepared the document below.  Very little, if anything, in a collectible item would ever be available to better impart the unrest and dire threat facing the throne of King George III and the military at that critical moment of English history than this outstanding historical broadside. $275.





M780     OBVIOUSLY PUBLISHED IN 1864 TO AID LINCOLN’S RE-ELECTION CAMPAIGN, BY THE THEN RECENTLY FORMED MAJOR WING OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY, THE “NATIONAL UNION PARTY” (a major bipartisan coalition of  Republicans and mild reconstruction War Democrats advocating restoration of the Union, etc.).  ELECTION CAMPAIGN POSTER WITH BOLD HEADLINE:  "HAS THE WAR RUINED THE COUNTRY?"  Followed by 3 lines, widely spaced, “The Copperheads assert that the war has ruined the Country; that we can never pay our debt; and that the war as proved a failure.  Look at these Diagrams, based on official records and see if this is true.”  That is followed (all of it filling the upper half of this 9 x 16 poster) with 3 varying type diagrams boldly captioned “WHAT WE HAVE DONE” (comparing the loyal Union states to the “Rebel states” financially) “WHAT WE CAN DO” (financially with a bold graph comparing the U.S. to the British population and property-wise over a very lengthy period and illustrating greater advances for the U.S.!).  Bottom half of poster divided into 2 columns which compare the “loyal” Union “restored to loyalty” to the “Rebel” population and its area, indicating the war was decidedly not a failure, but specifically mentions “Territory still in Rebel hands.”  All proved that much already accomplished by the war.  And much, much, more all of which makes interesting reading particularly when they talk about the national debt and compare it to that of great Britain.  PARTICULAR NOTE IS MADE THAT ONE OF THE CHAPTERS BEGINS WITH THE STATEMENT:  “THE WAR WILL UNDOUBTEDLY END IN 1865…” Bottom margin bears markings “Published by the National Union Executive Committee, Astor House, New York.”  Just normal light aging; condition exc.  Just the broad left margin has some narrow nicks and a few tiny chips out of the edges of the margin and the top margin appears to have been narrowly trimmed only.  Originally offered of our website in 2004 at $950. and now for this special sale a wonderful value at only $450.




M788          Rare model of Civil War U.S. Army copper bugle with separately affixed large oval brass makers label on lower front (just above the “bell,”) marked in high relief in five lines:  “NORTON’S PATENT / IMPRO’D FIELD BUGLE / FOR INF’Y. CAV’Y. & / ARTILLERY / 5’TH & MINOR ST. PHILA.”  Bugle stands 13 inches high (with mouthpiece).  Has the classic separately affixed Civil War era style “brass floating rim” at the mouth of the “4 ¼ inch bell” (flare at bottom).  Although a double turn style of bugle (versus the usual single turn larger type) it is completely authentic and of the Civil War.  Does show wear and use; very deep age patina could use a good strong cleaning.  A number of small dents mostly on the upper outer section (at the top turn) with smaller ones elsewhere.  Although bugles were a common instrument with all military outfits of the Civil War, their survival rate has been minimal at best and seldom are they ever seen on the collectors’ market.  An item that has always been scarce even in the “good old days” of collecting Civil War material in the 1950’s and 60’s they have been becoming ever more rare with the passing of years and seldom are specimen seen available.  A rare variant with these markings…...........................$3,950.


M775     THE CIVIL WAR HAD BEEN OFFICIALLY DECLARED ENDED BY NEW PRESIDENT ANDREW JOHNSON ON MAY 10, 1865, BUT IT TOOK TIME FOR EVERYONE ON BOTH SIDES TO GET THE WORD!  Original 4 page “U.S. NAVY DEPARTMENT ‘GENERAL ORDER No. 54’ MAY 11, 1865” issued by Secretary of the Navy GIDEON WELLES (just one day after that official ending) intended for circulation “…for information of officers of the Navy.”  5 ½ x 7 ½ inches; first 2 pages are the “PROCLAMATION” by President ANDREW JOHNSON (as stated by W. Hunter, acting Sec’y of State) of May 10 (the day before which actually end of the war).  Makes very interesting reading as Johnson takes into account some of the problems and difficulties likely to be encountered!  PAGES 3 AND 4 (starting at bottom of page 2) are the earlier “EXECUTIVE ORDER” of President Johnson of May 9, 1865 his “To re-establish the authority of the U.S. and execute the laws within the GEO. Limits [of] state of Virginia.” Johnson declares “Null and void” all laws etc. of Jeff Davis and other C.S. “Chiefs” and enforce U.S. laws, courts Provost Marshals, federal constitution, etc. etc.  Condition exc.+…………A historic document and now in this sale a historic value at just .. $47.50  SOLD





M762  COLORED MEN TO BE DRAFTED FOR DUTY IN U.S. LABOR BATTALIONS IN WWI IF ENOUGH COLORED VOLUNTEERS NOT OBTAINED.  Official printed "War Dept. Washington, Sept. 22, 1917" "General Order"Three pages.  4½  x 7.   Two pages devoted to " ENROLLING CONSCRIPTED COLORED MEN AFTER THEIR MOBILIZATION, OR IF SUFFICIENT MEN NOT OBTAINED BY VOLUNTARY ENLISTMENT OF COLORED MEN 24 COMPANIES (TO BE FORMED)".  Also lists 3 "white" commissioned officers for each company plus authorized "ENLISTED COLORED" non-coms for each.  First page of the "General Orders" also has directions for shipment of  "Sick or unserviceable animals overseas" and "issue of blue denim clothing to troops" .  Excellent condition and just $69.50.



M756  A CIVILIAN AGENCY MAKES IT'S LIVING RECRUITING SOLDIERS FOR THE UNION ARMY DURING THE CIVIL WAR!  Fancy printed business card (2½  by 3½ )  of that New Hampshire agency.  Multi-style typeface: "GRANITE STATE / UNION VOLUNTEER COMPANY / PORTSMOUTH, N.H. / MARKET ST. / RECRUITS and substitutes furnished Individuals and town Authorities upon the most favorable terms.  Best of references given in all cases / GEORGE LEACH & CO."  Few small, gray round spots on lower section of card mostly (not obscuring any wording).  An interesting but seldom examined phase of Civil War military history...... Sale price $74.50



M751     1795 DATED FRENCH REVOLUTIONARY POSTER IN DUAL LANGUAGE (FRENCH-GERMAN) DIRECTED TOWARDS THE “PEOPLE [SERVED] BY THE ARMY OF THE SAMBRE AND MEUSE.”  13” x 16” (blank on reverse) divided in two sections French entirely on left side; German entirely on the right side with a bold headline on each side (in their respective languages) “LIBERTY, EQUALITY, FRATERNITY.”  Top few lines of subtitles also in bold reduced sizes by 16 numbered paragraphs (on each side) regarding the French government's intentions of reducing the contributions they imposed upon their citizens of those specific individual areas and specifically discussing “…the absence of a great number of capitalists and rich freeholders who made off with their money.”  Also offers people proof of justice and moderate character of the new French gov’t; payment in-kind may be made for taxes.  And much more.  Wide margins; blank on reverse.  Just some normal aging, but generally exc.+.  Right margin only has a 4 inch clipped section out on its top edge only (not affecting any text) otherwise all intact.  A very historic piece and undoubtedly much more of interest in the text if fully translated.  Most historic document and a fine value at just…………..$69.50




 M744     ALTHOUGH HE WAS ACCLAIMED AS A GENUINE HERO FOR HIS PART IN THE EARLY CIVIL WAR FAMOUS (later infamous) “TRENT AFFAIR” (a.k.a. “Mason-Slidell Affair”) IN NOVEMBER, 1861, U.S. NAVY CAPT. CHARLES WILKES WAS EVENTUALLY COURT-MARTIALED IN APRIL, 1864 FOR EVENTS RESULTING FROM THAT Trent Affair earlierThe court-martial and its sentence made a major change in his career and life.  President Lincoln reduced his term of suspension from service to just one year and following his retirement from the Navy he was even promoted to rear admiral in 1866 on the retired list.  A most interesting thing is how the affair and the legal case and sentence has been treated in all the various biographies of him are seen, most of which make no mention of it whatsoever (and for good reason!).  HERE IS THE ORIGINAL U.S. NAVY MAY 3, 1864 ISSUED NOTIFICATION OF THE COURT MARTIAL FINDINGS IN THEIR “NAVY DEPARTMENT GENERAL ORDERS NO. 33 MAY 3, 1864.”  Total 4 pages of which just the 2 pages are printed the other 2 pages are blank.  Size 5½ x 8½.  Entirely concerning the Naval court martial findings of “Commodore Charles Wilkes” and the five charges against him all of which were “guilty” findings and the sentence to be “suspended from duty for the term of three years” as well as that he be “publicly reprimanded” and it specifically mentions that the Navy Department would have been “gladly spared the unpleasant duty…but the appeal made to the public by the accused…was pronounced to be of an insubordinate and disrespectful character containing remarks and statements not warranted [that] rendered it necessary for the [Navy] Department [not to tolerate it].”  Condition exc.  Very unusual piece of Civil War history…………………..$135.




 M742     BRITISH MARINES AND SOLDIERS REPEL ATTEMPTS TO “throw the country into confusion" and "subvert order and discipline” which was rampant at the time.  Original May, 1797 dated British military poster (9 x 14) with large bold title “AN ANSWER TO THE INFAMOUS HAND-BILL WHICH WAS READ BY LIEUT. GEN. ROOKE / ON MONDAY THE 22’d OF MAY, 1797 TO THE TROOPS UNDER HIS COMMAND AT BRISTOL.”  Then follows a large and one small paragraph, all in very bold print, explaining how the General personally read to the troops “…an infamous hand-bill…the production of some designing villains…and having heard the answer of the Marines at Chatham to a similar hand-bill that we approve of” that our own regiment of militia will do the utmost to find out who those villains are” (etc. etc. etc.).  “Solemnly promise our fellow citizens and soldiers that we will use our utmost to find those villains who under pretence of espousing our endeavor to draw us from our allegiance…and to throw the Country into Confusion…should we meet with any such wicked wretches we will deliver them over to the magistrates [etc. etc.].”  The poster is filled with vigorous language and the swearing of allegiance to the country and to their General.  A three column listing of the names of all sergeants and corporals of the regiment supporting this "Answer to the Infamous Hand-Bill" is at the bottom of the poster.  It is very indicative of what was happening to all of the British home regiments at that time.  Condition is exc.  Just the blank edges of the top and bottom margins have been trimmed but none of the wording has been affected and the poster itself was mounted many years ago on a blank sheet of similar type paper which has not damaged it in any way.  Makes very fascinating reading!  Very nicely valued at just…………………………………………………………………$145.





M738     ANTI-DEMOCRATIC PARTY POSTER / BROADSIDE CIRCA SEPT.-OCT., 1864 ISSUED/SOLD PRIOR TO THE RE-ELECTION OF REPUBLICAN PRESIDENT ABRAHAM LINCOLN!  Very colorfully worded, comparing the arch-traitor of revolutionary times Benedict Arnold to Horatio Seymour (who, at that exact time as the Gov. of N.Y. also presided over the Democratic convention had also REFUSED TO BE THE CANDIDATE FOR THE PRESIDENT OF THE U.S. AGAINST LINCOLN!).  This handsomely printed original broadside is 10 x 13 (blank on reverse) with large, bold, fancy headlines “BENEDICT ARNOLD & HORATIO SEYMOUR! / THEIR IDENTITY OF VIEWS / AND WHO IS TO BE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES?” and below that, in smaller print, mention that the information was just taken “from the NEW YORK TIMES Sept. 19, 1864.”  The center of poster compares (side by side) words of Benedict Arnold with those of Horatio Seymour’s with similarity in actions.  Bottom sections of broadside further compares and castigates Seymour to Arnold’s treason: “…as long as there is malice in human blood, no government can be without its renegades and malcontents…these are always ready, Judas-like to seize upon every occasion.  No matter what the conduct of government…spite will assail it…political leaders [who cause dissention and intrigue] when the country is in danger, never have been forgiven and never will be forgiven by the American people.  The Copperhead Chiefs of these times should understand that the sequel to this is endless disgrace.”  It all makes very fascinating reading, especially when realizing what was happening at that time.  Document has very fancy bordering on all 4 margins.  Shows just normal aging and is in exc.+ condition.  Along bottom margin "Published and Sold by D.S. Holmes; Brooklyn and also the American News Company, New York City." A most unusual Civil War political tirade and rare  Civil War and political Americana!....originally priced at $750., now just ........$375.




M734     THE FRENCH GOVERNMENT RE-ASSURING ITS CITIZENS THE UPSET TIMES OF THE FRANCO-PRUSSIAN WAR ARE STARTING TO COOL DOWN!  Circa 1871 poster believed official French government issue with very large, bold headline “REPUBLIQUE FRANCAISE” and entirely printed in the French language.  Size 16 x 22 (blank on reverse). Massive 1 inch headlines (in French) “TELEGRAPHIC DISPATCHES.”  Then follows for the entire poster separate listings for 12 cities and provinces of France, individually, and with  dates between December 2nd and 5th the current status of each, with such reports as “city at rest, everything calm”…“there has been no order but no trouble”… “tranquility continues to reign”…“some municipal officers protest but presence of police quells it”… (and much more).  Bottom bears name of printer and address.  Some very, very minor damp staining at edges; very slight tear and a few margin chips.  Much of print in very bold size made to capture public attention.  Very displayable and only ...$94.50 ..and now our close-out at just $47.50



Very limited edition. 305 pages. 100's of illustrations. Large format. Only work that thoroughly covers the subject. With chapters on allied arts such as prisoners-of-war carvings, Eskimo carvings, shell work, etc. Copies have brought as high as $500 at well known nautical auctions within past years. Original dust jackets. Excellent condition, slight shelf wear only. 3 copies available.... 325.00.





A BARGAIN PRICE HARD TO BEAT! We published this book in just a single, limited edition in 1972 (38 years ago!) and assumed we had just about sold out of them quite some time ago and only recently found a small group of them lurking in an obscure corner of our warehouse. Here are absolutely original, 1972 published copies, complete with their original dust jackets of the first and only work published on all these three branches of American nautical service:SMALL ARMS OF THE SEA SERVICES: A History of the Firearms and Edged Weapons of the U.S. Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard From the Revolution to the Present” by Col. Robert H. Rankin, USMC (ret’d). This book is unique as the only one of its type to ever have been honored with three “Forewords” by the Commandants of each of those three services!!

Large 8 ” x 10 ” format. 260 pages with over 350 detailed photo illustrations. Hard covers and in mint, unread condition, some minor shelf wear on dust cover only. Covers in detail, the regulation and non-regulation broad range of firearms, swords, cutlasses, dirks, fighting and utility knives, boarding axes, pikes, signal guns, blunderbusses and shotguns of those three services. Sections on the use and wearing of the great variety of those arms includes a substantial number of variants. Book was sponsored by the Company of Military Historians and honored with their highest endorsement as a ‘Standard Reference Work”. An encyclopedic reference.

We again find it expedient to mention that this very limited number of “Small Arms of the Sea Services” offered here are all of that original (and only) 1972 printing and are fully guaranteed exactly as that!

(As further proof of their current value, it is suggested that interested parties verify values by searching websites on their computer where they will quickly see used editions priced between 40 and 80 dollars with a few copies even in excess of that amount). While they last… mint, unread condition…$22.50



Authentic wartime issues of famous newspapers for sale

These two competing N.Y. papers were among the most widely read during those turbulent war years. As sole media for keeping the public informed, newspapers wielded great influence, reporting in graphic style unfolding events on the battlefield as well as political, war effort and important national news. Each issue of the TIMES and TRIBUNE is 8 pages, large 16"x20", loaded with war news, military events, political machinations, many interesting ads and much other news and local events.
All with fantastic, bold, front page headlines and sub-headlines, most often in stirring phrasing; filled with plenty of war news. To capture the very feelings of those war years there is little else that does it better than these papers… not only for the content, but for displayability and appearance as well.  All are EXCELLENT CONDITION showing just most minor aging; and on a few some most minor light brown spotting.

THE NEW YORK TIMES... 8 pages each…no 2 alike... Dates from January through early June, 1863. Excellent condition.... Our selection, promise to pick out nice ones for you. (Regret, but cannot service orders for specific dates).

NEW YORK TRIBUNE... 8 pages each…..no 2 alike …Excellent condition…. Dates from April through September, 1862. Our selection, promise to pick out nice ones for you. (Regret, but cannot service orders for specific dates). Each......$17.50






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Unsheathing an American Legend
     by Norm Flayderman

"The first reliable history of the Bowie knife from it's origin to present day."






AMERICAN FIREARMS...and their values

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email: flayderman@aol.com


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The 118 consecutive editions of our widely cited catalogs were the longest run of antique arms and militaria catalogs issued anywhere......anytime!

Catalogs issued Greenwich, Connecticut 1959-1963 (43, 49, 57, 58, 61)...7.95 each

Catalogs issued New Milford, Connecticut 1963-1986 (62, 64, 65, 67, 68, 71, 72, 74, 75, 77, 78, 80, 81, 82, 83, 84, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91, 92, 93, 94, 95, 97, 98, 99, 100, 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 106, 107, 108, 109, 110, 111)......6.50 each

Catalogs issued Fort Lauderdale, FL 1987-present (112, 114, 116, 117, 118)....5.00 each







AMERICAN FIREARMS...and their values.

  Phone:  (954) 761-8855 
email: flayderman@aol.com



THIS CURRENT 9th EDITION IS NOW AVAILABLE at only... $39.99. Free shipping within continental limits of the U.S ….

Increased over 20% in size, it now numbers over 800 pages... with over 1200 revisions, up-dates, new models and variations... and even more illustrations!

It’s the one book about antique arms collecting that the dealer, trader, collector or merely casually interested cannot do without. Includes all the basic tools for identifying, valuing & collecting antique American firearms…

Celebrating its 30th year as the acknowledged "Bible" for antique arms collectors and with over one million copies already in circulation
this current 9th Edition tops them all!

With values for over 4,000 individual antique firearms (c. 1750-1914) and 1900 photographs, the collector is certain to find this latest issue the best yet and one that lives up to its long-established reputation as "...quite simply the best and most important study of antique American arms ever written" (Man-at-Arms Magazine) and "Indispensable" (The Gun Report).

Unanimously acclaimed by the critics and reviewers as among the most complete and thorough arms books extant, it ranks as the most comprehensive book on antique gun collecting ever produced!

Included are individual chapters on every major American arms maker… all lesser makers are listed by type, such as: American Percussion Pistols (Classified by: “Revolvers”… “Pepperboxes”… “Single Shots”… “Deringers”… “Underhammers”.). Separate chapters on “American Metallic Cartridge Handguns” (one of largest in the book) Confederate Arms; Kentucky Rifles; Single Shot Rifles… (Muzzle Loading and Breech Loading) Colonial and Rev. War Arms…Repeating Rifles. The chapters on “U.S. Military Longarms and “Military Single Shot Pistols” alone are worth the cost of the book. The “American Shotguns”  chapter is the first in-depth coverage of them, while Chapter 18 individually covers (and values) 8 categories of antique American arms seldom mentioned or discussed in any guide: American Whaling Guns; Indian Trade Guns and Indian used guns; Alarm Guns; American Blunderbusses; early American Spring and Air Guns; and even Salute and Yacht Cannons.

For the American historian, folklorist and general antique arms collector, the new chapter on “DUELING AND DUELING PISTOLS is certain to raise some eyebrows with its Incursions On Virgin Territory in which the author has actually thrown down the gauntlet and fired the very first salvo to question and provide a logical rationale for understanding the fascinating subjects of “dueling” in early America and the pistols said to have been specifically designed for that “gentlemanly practice.”

AND THAT’S NOT ALL… new inroads are made to recognize the very history of American arms collecting itself. Other relevant discussions new to this edition assess the increasing influence of antique firearms auctions to this hobby; a new section on the history of antique arms periodicals and publications and their impact on the hobby; and for the first time anywhere, a history of the very first American antique firearms collection and catalog (1899) of the famous  “A.E. Brooks Collection of Hartford, Conn.” and its subsequent exhibition in 1906 by the Smithsonian Institution and its later adversities.

Perhaps the words of Mike Carrick, Staff Editor of the "Questions and Answers" columns  of the “Gun Report” magazine said it best. Fielding a heavy volume of inquiries about antique arms on a daily basis he wrote: “I have over 2500 books on guns and edged weapons, but I have only [Flayderman’s Guide] on my desk for constant daily use in answering my column’s inquiries… it is the most useful book in my library."




1st EDITION... $49.50
 3rd EDITION... $24.50
4th EDITION...$19.50
5th EDITION...$14.50
7th EDITION...$12.50


Unsheathing an American Legend
            by Norm Flayderman

Foreword by James S. Hutchins, Historian Emeritus,       
        National Museum of American History

                     Smithsonian Institution

Large 9" x 12" format …… 512 pages

245 OUTSTANDING COLOR ILLUSTRATIONS DEPICTING HUNDREDS OF BOWIE KNIVES… (along with a wide host of fascinating associated artifacts of the same eras).
Plus 120 black and white illustrations of Civil War and other nineteenth century photographic images of soldiers and civilians with their Bowie knives…
"A MASTERPIECE OF RESEARCH AND BOOKMAKING!" ("Military Images" Magazine.) ....................................AND IT'S ONLY $79.95!
(plus 4.50 shipping within USA)



HERE’S THE IDEAL GIFT FOR THE AMERICAN HISTORIAN AND FOLKLORIST AS WELL AS ARMS COLLECTOR!... you might be interested in reading what the “AMERICAN FOLKLORE SOCIETY” has to say about this ground-breaking study!  Here are a few excerpts from their recent review of The Bowie Knife: Unsheathing an American Legend that appeared in the Summer 2007 Journal of the AMERICAN FOLKLORE SOCIETY:

“…At first glance [this book] may be deceptive… photography is so lush it gives the appearance of a coffee table   picture book. However, it is [the author’s] historic overview and well-informed discussion that instantly make this  book the authoritative text on the subject… [he] goes to great length to document the growth of the Bowie legend [and] its many embellishments and distortions over time. The interplay of popular print culture and development of a body of common folklore that developed into a great American legend is detailed through research… to reveal a strong pattern of misrepresented historical accounts, re-written material and even newly written material represented as authentic history or oral tradition. Flayderman demonstrates how various supposedly valid writings influenced others… and [how] numerous exciting and entertaining popular accounts grow to become generally accepted and persuasive American legends…

I recommend [the book] highly to scholars interested in the folklore and history of American legends. This is the Bowie… book that has been needed for a very long time [and] has the potential to stimulate additional research among academics as well as further the antiquarian concerns of devoted collectors.”
(We will be pleased to send copies of the complete, lengthier review on request).


 Here are just a few excerpts from the reviews the book has already received (many more in the illus. brochure we'll be pleased to send you on request). They say it more eloquently and with more authority than anything we might write:

The Town Talk. Alexandria, Louisiana (Dec. 26, 2004). The city where the Bowie knife story  began): "…incredible detail… the photographs and text are presented in breathtaking scope and detail… even the most casual of readers will enjoy reading the accounts and details featured within these pages."

The Civil War Courier. (May, 2005). "...the definitive guide to the Bowie knife - the indispensible tool for historian, students of the Old West and knife collectors."

Military Images Magazine (Jan., 2005):
"…an instant classic... Strips away the common misconceptions surrounding the Bowie’s history, use and fabrication… in admirable style… chronicles the entire history of the Bowie in a colorful layout so lavish as to put most other books to shame… a masterpiece of research, presentation and bookmaking."

North-South Civil War Trader (Jan., 2005):
"… extremely well-researched and wonderfully written text… reads like a good novel, fueled with enthusiasm and spiced with wit while maintaining the integrity of reference-book form..."

Man at Arms Magazine
(Dec., 2004):
"...astounding and overwhelming… [in] its textual content… the wealth of supporting images will astonish even jaded readers… will appeal to a far broader audience than just edged weapons enthusiasts… the volume of information is incalculable… the author’s ability to separate reality from fantasy is fascinating… a rare treat."

Knife World Magazine
(Dec., 2004):
"… this is the book that Bowie lovers have been waiting for lo these many years!… photography is outstanding… the research outstanding… the standard reference on Bowies for the next fifty years."

Wild West Magazine. (June, 2005): "…a weapon that has a unique place in American history... a book as large, as sharp and as awe-inspiring as one of those legendary knives... unbeatable."

True West Magazine.
(July 2005):
"...[the author] has slashed through the reams of fiction and presents a meticulously researched accounting... the ultimate guide."

The Gun Report (Dec. 2004):
"…Outstanding… subject examined in great depth… knowledge and source of each [Bowie] story skillfully and often dramatically brought to light for the first time… wealth of information on manufacture, sale and use of Bowie knives… a monumental work… which will remain as a standard reference for decades to come."

Modern Knives Video Magazine
(Feb. 2005):
"An awesome resource book! ...masterfully presented... totally accurate... dispels the nonsense about knife duels - the major reference on Bowie knife lore."



Unanimously acclaimed by the critics as an outstanding contribution to the fields of American history and folklore…
 as well as American arms history.

Whether your interests are devoted to weapons or military or social history,  there is something for everyone!


"[The author] has tackled… the most controversial subject in American cutlery… and dissected it as no one else has… will appeal to everyone from neophyte to the aficionado… If it has to do with Bowie or the Bowie knife… for an extensive source of documented information on the subject, this book is the best there is."    
                                                                                             Steve Shackleford, Editor   BLADE magazine

"[the author] approaches every imaginable aspect of the knife’s tangled history with an enviable understanding of his subject… uncovers the bare truth… [and] the irrepressible legend that made the Bowie ‘America’s Knife.’ … the best researched – and most readable – studies the knife field has ever seen."
                                                                                             Mark D. Zalesky, Editor   KNIFE WORLD magazine
With the general acceptance of the Bowie knife as a national icon, it is surprising that so very little has been written about it... until now. The weapon's complex mix of history, hardware and tangle of deceptive folklore has at last been put in clear, accurate and logical perspective. Sorting out truth from myth offers the first reliable history of the Bowie knife from it's origin to present day.




(By James S. Hutchins, Historian, National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution):

"…at long last, the first well-grounded, thoroughly researched, conscientiously documented study of the Bowie knife, an artifact that has long enjoyed a unique place in American history and folklore. In almost two centuries of accumulating myth and legend, [it] has attained iconic status, becoming part of the very fabric of the nation’s westward movement…  the first wholly reliable, richly detailed and truly exhaustive study of the subject…  [he] discusses the practice of dueling in America with a clarity seldom found elsewhere... [other] allied topics, some of them contentious such as the popularity of the Bowie in the South and its use in the Texas Revolution and the Mexican and Civil Wars – are critically examined and explained….  shrouded in fantasy and myth as it has been, the Bowie knife played a larger part than it has been accorded in American civil and military affairs… [an] admirable and genuinely ground-breaking study of a famous and yet unexamined artifact and its passage into American history and folklore."






And if you would like to know even more about the book an illustrated 4-page brochure is available on request... with our compliments!


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